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Customer Information

You spoke for it in the comments of a live sale, paid the invoice and then waited.  Now your package is here!  There is nothing like it when a squishy fiber package arrives.  But what if what arrives isn't what you were expecting or the quality is not good?

The Wool and Fiber Arts (WAFA) Community and group is not a transaction group.  All business conducted with the vendors who share their shows during our festivals are private transactions between the vendor and the buyer.  If you are unhappy with a purchase you have made, please contact the vendor first.  Most vendors really do value feedback about their products and want to make the transaction right.

If you do not receive a response from the vendor, please try a second time within a day or two.  Sometimes we miss your messages.  If you sent the first message through the business page, try messaging through their personal account or business e-mail or the contact form on their website.

If none of these avenues are successful, WAFA has a feedback form that you can access here.  This information is kept confidential, with only a couple of administrators  having direct access to the information.  If this is a first or second complaint, the information will be passed on to a member of the WAFA  vendor team who will reach out to the vendor and attempt to connect them with you.

A WAFA Admin contacts a vendor whenever there is a complaint.  After 3 complaints the vendor committee (which includes members from the WAFA community, the WAFA vendor community, WAFA Admin and the WAFA vendor team) will be convened. The vendor will have an opportunity to address the issues with the committee. The committee will make a recommendation about next steps which might include:

  • Further investigation into the situation
  • Probation during which the vendor can continue to vend
  • Suspension from vending with WAFA for a designated period of time
  • Permanent suspension from vending with WAFA 

The focus of WAFA is our wonderful community, made up of fiber enthusiasts from every side of the fleece or skein.  We want it to be an enjoyable place for all.  One of the best ways to share your fiber purchasing experiences is the Fiber Transaction Board.  The sole purpose of this group is “for fiberists who wish to review recent purchases, deals and/or trades they've made with other fiberists or for those looking for references before they purchase”.  This is a great opportunity to review a purchase, good or bad.  Our vendors really appreciate your positive feedback here.  We also hope that if you have a negative experience you will let the vendor try to make it right first before posting publicly  on the board.