Workshop Promotion Application – Wool and Fiber Arts

Workshop Promotion Application

Welcome Instructors!  We are excited be offering this opportunity for you to share your workshop opportunities with the greater WAFA community.


Workshops are run as a private treaty between the instructor and their students, they are hosted on a secure platform by the instructor, not on a WAFA platform.

Instructor responsibilities:

* Apply no less than 14 days and no more than 60 days prior to workshop 
*Select and manage your own teaching platform (Zoom, Facebook, Private site).
*Manage registration, payments, supply list/supply kits and address all questions and communication.
*Instructors agree to offer the workshop on the date on their application.
*If a cancellation or a schedule change must happen the instructor must notify TeDi or Ellen and registered students, and manage rescheduling or refunding.
*Pay the $30 workshop promotional fee.

WAFA Responsibilities Include:
*Allow advertising in the community group on 2 occasions (with provided admin disclaimer).
*Instructor spotlight post on Instagram.
*Allow one up to 30 min live to promote class in the community group (instructor must verify that no one else is scheduled to do a live at the same time. May not be held on a sale weekend) Instructor may create an event in the community group for this live, not for the workshop itself.
*List workshop on website workshop schedule.

Festival program advertising may be purchased separately and must meet those specific guidelines, deadlines and charges.

Workshop Promotion Application